Needlecraft Artistic and Practical Book 1889: eBook Instant Download


Here is an amazing antique book called “Needlecraft Artistic and Practical”, c. 1889. The book gives instructions on how to create many different items that were popular during the Victorian era. It’s a treasure trove for anyone that wants to create clothing/accessories from the Victorian era!

The book contains the following: –

  • What Is Artistic Needlework?
  • Materials for Artistic Needlework
  • South-Kensington Needle-Work Stitches
  • Embroidered Doily, And Embroidery Designs for Set of Doilies
  • Tray-Cover, And Embroidery Designs for Its Corners
  • Ornamental Doily and Embroidery Designs for a Set of Twelve
  • Outline Embroidery Designs
  • Sprays of Pinks in Correct Sizes for Embroidering
  • Designs Showing Various Embroidery Stitches
  • Embroidery Designs, Especially Adapted to the Decoration of Articles of Dress
  • Designs Adapted to Kensington Embroidery or Painting
  • Illustrations and Descriptions of Various Designs for Canvas, Cardboard and Other Embroideries
  • Specimens of Lace and Method of Making
  • Edging and Insertion of Darned Net and Fancy Tidy
  • Crocheted Work. Explanation of Basis of All Crocheted Work.
  • Illustrations and Descriptions of Star Stitch
  • Tam O’shanter Hat and Method of Making It.
  • Fancy Horse Reins and Method of Making Them
  • Crocheted Lambrequin. And Method of Making
  • Crocheted Work in Crazy Stitch.
  • Crocheted Lace Edgings and Insertion
  • Crocheted Lace Edging and Insertion Suitable for Linen, Silk. Or Cotton.
  • Crocheted Laces, With Braid Headings, And Method of Making Them
  • Collars, Edgings, and Insertion of Feather Edged Braid
  • MacramΓ© Lace Work
  • Fringes and Their Construction
  • Ornamental Portieres
  • Mantel Lambrequins and Draperies
  • Window Draperies
  • Tables and Table Scarfs
  • Fancy Scarf with Crazy Embroidery.
  • Group of Fancy Stitches
  • Alphabets for Marking
  • Receptacles for Shoes, Umbrellas and Canes,
  • Infant’s Carriage-Pillow and Blanket,
  • Fancy-Work Aprons
  • Sofa Pillows and Cushions
  • Tidies and Fancy Mats,
  • Fancy Towels and Splashers
  • Fancy Pillow and Sheet Covers, Gowns and Gowns Cases
  • Fancy Bags
  • Fancy and Useful Articles Suitable for Gifts to Gentleman
  • Method of Making A Hammock or Tennis Net (Yes You Did Read That Correctly!)
  • Design for Tatting Ad Method of Making
  • Drawn Work
  • Applique Work

This book contains over 320 pages and is delivered instantly in PDF format.Β  For you to enjoy.


This book contains over 320 pages and is delivered instantly in PDF format.Β  For you to enjoy.


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