How To Make Battenberg Point and Lace Published 1900: Lace Making Book eBook Instant Download


Enjoy this illustrated rare lace book covering how to make Battenberg Point and Lace published over a 120 years ago, written  by Nellie Clark Brown  and produced by the Priscilla Publishing Company.

This rare and classic book  covers the following aspects of Battenberg Point and lace making

Selection of Materials

  • Braid and Thread
  • Rings

Basting and Overcasting

  • Turning Corners
  • Scallops and Loops.
  • Overcasting
  • Cutting the Braid
  • Basting the Rings to the Pattern
  • Fastening the Thread

Preparing a Sampler

  • Sorrento Bars.
  • Plain Buttonhole Bar
  • Buttonholed Bars with Pinned Picots
  • Bar with Buttonhole Picot
  • Bar with Two Rows of Dots
  • Raleigh Bars
  • Bar with Picot Made in Bullion Stitch
  • Branched Bars, or Buttonholed Bars
  • Bar with Lace Picot.
  • Point d’Anvers Bars

Wheels or Spiders

  • Spinning Wheel Rosettes


  • Plain Russian Stitch
  • Twisted Russian Stitch
  • Column Stitch
  • Insertion of Single Buttonhole Stitch
  • Insertion of Buttonhole Stitch
  • Insertion with Cones
  • Insertion with Reversed Cones
  • Beaded Insertion or D’ Alencon
  • Insertion with Small Wheels.
  • Bars of Point d’Angleterre
  • Insertion with Branches
  • Leaf Insertion
  • Cluster Insertion

Network Stitches

  • Single Net Stitch
  • Double Net Stitch
  • Three Stitch
  • Buttonholed Net Stitch
  • Point de Vernise Stitches
  • Petit Point de Venise
  • Point dtEspagne – Spanish Point Stitches
  • Open Spanish Point
  • Spanish Point
  • Spanish Point
  • Spanish Point Insertion
  • Shell Insertion
  • Spanish Net Stitches
  • Double Spanish Net
  • Triple Spanish Net
  • Grouped Spanish Net
  • Venetian or Point de Sorrento Stitch
  • Double Venetian or Cobweb Stitch
  • Darned Figures on Venetian Background
  • Spider or Wheel Stitch
  • Point de Bruxelles (Brussds Point).
  • Point de Bruxelles
  • Point de Bruxelles, “Pea” Stitch
  • Greek. Net Stitch
  • Point Turque – Turkish Point
  • Turkish Point
  • Point de Filet. Net Groundwork. Stitch
  • Point de Filet
  • Bruges Stitch
  • Point cl’ Angleterre
  • Point d’ Angleterre Rosette Stitch
  • Hour-glasses
  • Net with Rosette Stitch
  • Greek Crosses
  • Point de Reprise

Combination and Miscellaneous Stitches

  • Combination Stitches
  • Point de Valenciennes
  • Combination of Brussels Net
  • Fans
  • Woven Rays
  • Diamond Stitch
  • Point de Sorrento
  • Bullion Insertion
  • Knotted Russian Stitch
  • Combination Stitches
  • Connected Needle-made Picots
  • Isolated Needle-made Picots

Net or Applique Lace
How to Wash Lace 

This book contains over 43 large pages of classic lace work and is delivered instantly in PDF format.  For you to enjoy!


This book contains over 43 large pages of classic lace work and is delivered instantly in PDF format.  For you to enjoy!

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