The Honiton Lace Book Published 1875 – Lace Making Book eBook Instant Download


This book covers the full and practical instructions for acquiring the art of making this beautiful Honiton lace.    This book  written  by Devonia was published in 1875 talks you through every aspect of making Honiton lace from how to  wind bobbins correctly, it’s very detailed here is a an  excerpt from  the book

“Having prepared the bobbins, you can now commence the first pattern, thus:-Take the pillow on your lap, resting it against a table or chair to steady it; fasten on the passement pattern by running two or three common pins straight into the pillow through the edge of the pattern; pin the cover cloths across, so as just to leave exposed between them the leaf you are about to work. Stick a lace-pin into the pinhole at the top of the leaf as far into the pillow as will steady it, and hang twelve pair of -bobbins on to. This pin; the length of the thread from the bobbins to the pin should be about four inches. Arrange the bobbins so as to have those which contain the knots in the middle. The bobbins are always treated in pairs; there is but one exception to this-the gimp bobbins, which will be spoken of afterwards.” 

To get a good idea of what’s in the book I have included the index to give you an idea of the subjects covered by this lace book. This is a good solid classic lace book covering the craft in excellent detail.

The book contains over 80 pages and is delivered in a PDF format.


The book contains over 80 pages and is delivered in a PDF format.


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