Cro-Knitting Book Published 1914: eBook Instant Download


This delightful Victorian Era book of Cro-knitting the combined art of crocheting and knitting combined was published over 100 years ago in 1914. Will make a wonderful addition to any collection relating to  kniting and crocheting.  Below is a quote from  the authors who  describe the book  as:-

“The new art of Cro-Knitting is, as its name implies, a combination of crocheting and knitting, the effects produced being as beautiful as they are novel. The variety of unusual stitches is almost without limit and leads the crafter, who desires something out of the beaten path, into new fields that tempt her to go on and on seeking and finding unknown beauties at each step.”

Cro-knitting includes over 20 patterns see below:

  • Young Girls’ Norfolk
  • Cutaway Jacket
  • Lattice-Work Scarf
  • Porch Jacket in Cro-Knitting
  • English Sleeping Socks
  •  Bordered Scarf in Cro-Knitting
  • Empire Scarf in Cro-Knitting
  • School Bag in Lattice-Work
  • Afghan with Diamond Stripe
  • Persian Scarf
  • Polish Afghan
  • Angora Rosebud Cap (baby)
  • Dresden Set of Coat & Cap & Bootees (baby)
  • Knitted Angora Bootees (baby)
  • Dresden Baby Afghan
  • Child’s Norfolk
  • Star Stitch Scarf in Cro-Knitting
  • Lattice Work Shopping Bag
  • Child’s Jacket With Lattice Work
  • Afghan With Cross-Stitch Embroidery
  • Rose Cap
  • Child’s Angora Set of Cap & Muff & Stole
  • Star Stitch Stockings
  • Lattice-Work Afghan
  • Dutch Hood in Cro-Knitting, Daisy Afghan
  •  Afghan With Persian Lamb Stripes
  • Infant’s Jacket in Squares

This book contains  48 pages and is delivered instantly in PDF format.  For you to enjoy.


This book contains  48 pages and is delivered instantly in PDF format.  For you to enjoy.



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